L’Homme Invisible has always been inspired by French history, a rich history in terms of fashion and elegance… The Matelot collection is no exception.

Inspired by the old French navy, the navy pants form l’Homme Invisible has been updated by us to be more modern and urban.
Both comfortable and soft, these pants & shorts are perfect partners for your various activities or outings: Whether in the city, a walk by the sea or even for your moments of relaxation in the comfort of your home, they will adapt to your desires and needs.

The particularity of the pieces composing it, is that they are all equipped with a front buttoned panel with many functions….
Indeed, this one will allow you first of all to adorn a look of super sexy sailor, which will not fail to turn heads around you, and its goes without saying, what you can do with a front opening pouch ?

The cut is fitted for both pants and shorts, the fabric is elastane with lycra which will promise you a total freedom of movement and making it very practical garments.

The pieces of the Matelot Collection can be found here: